Car Wheel Alignment and Balance in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne

Car wheel alignment and balancing are actually two separate services but are related to one common thing, wheels. Many times these problems go unnoticed as they are very subtle. Over a period of time, they show might adverse effects. However, these out-turns can be sudden also depending, on how long they have gone been overlooked. That is the reason why these issues are considered to be very unpredictable yet dangerous. At RR Motor Service, we recognise the seriousness of such breakdowns. Our facility provides one of the best services for wheel balancing and alignment in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne. If you are facing any kind of issues related to your wheels, get them checked and repaired by experts like us.

Here, we have listed some of the problems that you might come across. RR Motor Service provides routine wheel balancing and alignment checks and offers effective solutions for:

  • Floorboard and steering reverberate while driving- This is an issue related to wheel balancing which happens when the weight of the car is not equally distributed on the four wheels. It requires an intensive check by the professionals after which the height of the wheels is adjusted uniformly. We have the facility to ensure such in-depth services.
  • Tyres wearing down from one side-When you notice your tyres wearing down from one side, it is because of the misalignment of the wheels. It should be corrected immediately before it creates further damage.
  • Malfunctioning of the steering wheel- If you cannot control the steering of the wheels while it is moving, it is due to misaligned wheels. We check for the degree and nature of misalignment and correct it accordingly.
    Poor fuel economy- If you cannot figure out why your car is having such a bad fuel economy, then you should go and check for the wheel balancing service. Unbalanced wheels tend to create such an issue which needs to be corrected immediately.

Find Professionals for Car Wheel Balancing and Alignment in Hoppers Crossing

RR Motor Service is an all-around auto-mechanic workshop specialising in multiple vehicle repair and maintenance services. Car wheel balancing and alignment are two of the most precise services that we provide in our facility. While wheel balancing is a separate issue, wheel alignment on the other hand can be subcategorised into three types such as:

  • Camber- In this case, the wheels are vertically misaligned. The wheels are either flapped inwards or outwards which creates a lot of imbalance while driving.
  • Toe- When the wheels are misaligned horizontally that means they have diagonally rotated rightwards or leftward, it is called toeing. This can create a lot of problems while steering the vehicle.
  • Caster- It is a fitting problem where the wheels are misaligned either frontwards or backwards.

Why is it Important to Correct Car Wheel Balancing and Alignment?

Wheels can be the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle which constantly work when you are on the go. They stay outside and get exposed to a lot of factors. s. It is advisable to check on them after every long ride for better performance of the car. However, wheels may develop certain fundamental issues when they get bumped very hard. These problems go unnoticed for many days until they become serious and cause damage. As an expert in car mechanics, we suggest getting it fixed as soon as you encounter wheel imbalance or misaligning. The main reason to get it repaired is, it can lead to:

  • Hazardous accidents- Both wheel imbalance and misalignment can cause dangerous issues. They both lead to the malfunction of the steering which leads to the majority of accidents. Besides that, they naturally bring a lot of imbalance to the standpoint of a car.
  • Wears down your tyres- In the long run, both the car imbalance and misalign create the tyres to wear down. If you notice sidewise wearing down of the tyres then it is because of the faulty alignment. On the other hand, if you see one of the tyres has run down faster than the other, then it is due to wheel imbalance. Wearing down tyres can invite a separate set of concerns like skidding and lesser grips. This again can lead to some fatal situations.
  • Affects the suspension- The suspension system of a car is one of the costliest parts of a vehicle. When the wheels of a car are imbalanced or misaligned then it creates a lot of shocks for the body. This can break down the suspension system rapidly. So, it is better to get the wheels checked and corrected once before it further damages other parts.
  • Affect the chassis- As we have discussed above, if you ignore the problem of wheel imbalance and misaligning then soon it affects other important parts of the car. You do not want your car chassis to get the slightest of dents as it bears the entire weight of the car. However, problems with the wheels will surely affect the chassis soon. That is why it is important to get it corrected as soon as possible.

What is the Difference Between Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment?

Car tyre balancing is related to the height of the wheel in comparison to each other. The problem arises when there is an inconsistency in the heights which creates a disturbance in the weight distribution. On the other hand wheel alignment is related to the axis of the wheel which is either bent vertically or horizontally. They create issues in handling and steering. However, both of them are caused because of rough bumps.

Why Choose RR Motor Service?

Here are some points that make us stand out from others:

  • Efficient Facility- We have a state-of-the-art facility that can provide solutions to all of your vehicle-related issues.
  • Experienced Workforce- Our technicians know exactly what to look for so that you get speedy quality services.
  • Fair Pricing- All our services and prices will be discussed even before you make an appointment. So be assured of no hidden or unexplained charges on your bill.

At RR Motor Service, we deal with servicing all makes and models of the major vehicle brands in the market. To know more about our services and car wheel alignment and balancing in Hoppers Crossing, you can call us on 0426 712 244 or email us at


Here are some common signs that suggest you need wheel alignment:

  • Difficulty in steering
  • Steering making noises
  • Tyres getting worn down from one side
  • Car getting pulled to one side while moving

Normally it should be checked annually but if your wheels hit a huge rock and you definitely felt a rough bump, then go check immediately.

Wheel balancing in Melbourne can cost you near around $100 but it also depends on the number of tyres and other repairs done alongside.

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