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For many people, their car is one of their most valuable assets as they spend a lot of money on buying a perfect model with advanced features. However, it becomes very important to keep these vehicles under regular maintenance by a trusted car mechanic near Werribee for consistent performance. RR Motor Service is a European car specialist that provides all kinds of car service in Werribee.

Best Garage for Auto Brake Service

The proper working of the braking system of your car is very important for maximum safety while driving. You should get it checked after a fixed interval to avoid any danger. Our auto brake servicing includes a complete check of all its components including:

Brake Paddles

he brake paddle is the most visible and used part of the braking system which is why different checks are done on it like:

  • Pad Condition- The condition of the pad is checked to see if it is at the right thickness or not. If it is found to be faulty, the pads are replaced with new ones.
  • Apply Lubrication for Smooth Working- While applying the brake pad; it should work very smoothly without causing any kind of resistance or noise. If such issues are found then it is corrected by applying lubrication.
Master Cylinder

This central part of the braking system needs the most detailed attention. Our service includes:

  • Inspection for Any Faults- The condition of the master cylinder’s body should be perfect. Any kinds of dents and leakage are repaired or the entire master cylinder is replaced if required.
  • Brake Hoses- They are the main connecting parts and have great durability. However, the slightest wear and tear in the brake hose can cause a complete breakdown of the braking system. Our professional car mechanics check the condition and predict how long it would last.
Discs, Callipers, and Soles

They are almost at the end part of the braking system that is responsible for the actual performance of the brakes. That is why we do:

  • Condition Check- Overall condition of the brake soles, discs, and callipers is checked thoroughly.
  • Repair and Replacement- If they are found to be faulty, we generally repair them. If the condition is beyond repair, our car mechanic in Werribee will replace it with genuine parts.
Electric Connections

It is important to check the electric connections to know if the entire braking system is working properly or not:

  • Brake Lights- The brake lights are the main indicators for other drivers. Their proper working also suggests that the braking system is fully functional.
  • Wirings- All the wiring of the braking system is checked carefully to find possible faults in them.

Professional Logbook Service, Wheel Balancing, and Alignment in Werribee

As a car owner, you should know the importance of a professional logbook service as well as a wheel balancing and alignment service. RR Motor Service is well-equipped in providing both of these car services in Werribee.

Logbook Service

Our logbook servicing includes three major benefits:

  • Following the Guidelines– The very first step is to check the guidelines of the manufacturers for a particular model and brand. Accordingly, we make a list of car services that will be included.
  • Registration Check- It is an important step which lets you know if your vehicle has any pending procedures.
  • Servicing and Repair- The completion of both the above steps leads to the actual servicing and repair work. We inspect all the major and minor parts of the vehicle including the car engine, battery, tyres, braking system, etc.
Logbook Update

After the completion of the process, it is important to update the logbook as it protects the manufacturer’s warranty. The updated logbook also fetches the good resale value for your vehicle.

Wheel Balancing and Alignment

We have two separate approaches for both these problems:

Balancing- We perform balancing by following these steps:

  1. The individual wheel is balanced using a wheel balancing machine.
  2. If it is an internal issue, it is resolved by repairing the wheel.
  3. If it is an external issue, it is fixed by adjusting the height of the wheels.

Alignment- This problem is solved by measuring the degrees of misalignment and then adjusting the wheel accordingly. There are three types of alignment issues, which are:

  • Camber: The vertical misalignment problem is called camber.
  • Toeing: An issue with horizontal alignment is called toeing.
  • Caster: If the wheel is not fitted properly to the vertical axis, it is called a caster.
We Provide Authorised Roadworthy Check in Werribee

As VicRoads makes it mandatory to get a roadworthy certificate, this inspection service has become a must for every vehicle. We provide

  • Detailed roadworthy check
  • Perform repairs so that your vehicle meets the standard
  • Issue the roadworthy certificate after the completion of all processes

Choose the Right Mechanic for Car Services

Certain things that make us perfect for all your car-related issues are:

  • Advanced Facility- With computerised inspection and skilled technicians, we provide the best repair services.
  • Organised Work– Your appointment will be scheduled just with a phone call or an email.
  • 100% Satisfaction- We guarantee that we will resolve all your car-related issues with utmost perfection.

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Get the most professional brakes services as well as authorised logbook services in Werribee from us. Contact our European car specialist for any auto repair and replacement services. You can call us on 0426 712 244 or email us at to book any kind of car service in Werribee.

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