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Everybody needs an advanced car mechanic in their nearby area where they can get all kinds car of auto services. Whether it is a simple repair service or the extensive logbook service, people always prefer to have top-quality work done on their vehicles. RR Motor Service is a European car specialist that provides all types of car services in Truganina. Our advanced facilities are operated by experienced technicians who can solve all your vehicle-related issues. All our staff members are professionally trained and will give you clarity on pricing and timelines.

Authorised Roadworthy Check by RR Motor Service

As VicRoads has made the roadworthy check mandatory for every vehicle in the state of Victoria, it has become one of the most important car services. It is crucial to get these checks done by an authorised dealer like us as we follow all the guidelines properly.

Why a Roadworthy Check is Necessary for Your Vehicle?

The roadworthy certificate is issued for your vehicle after checking all its important parts. If the condition of any of your car’s components does not meet the standards of VicRoads, you cannot drive it on the roads of Victoria. At RR Motor Service, we not only check but also tune up your vehicle as per the standard guidelines. We also provide a roadworthy certificate after completing the entire process so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Mentioned here are some of the additional benefits you get with a roadworthy certificate:
  • Ensures Road Safety- Making the roadworthy certificate mandatory ensures maximum road safety on the roads. As every vehicle remains in its best condition, it reduces the chances of mishappenings and accidents.
  • Moving to Another State- If you are someone who is planning to move to another state or someone who crosses state boundaries often, then it is better to keep a roadworthy certificate to avoid legal issues.
  • Transfer of Vehicle Registration- You will need a roadworthy certificate while transferring the registration of your vehicle to someone other than your spouse or family members.
  • Registering to Open Market- If you want to list your vehicle in the open market, you will have to do a prior roadworthy check to ensure the buyer about its best condition.
  • Improving Resale Value- It is advisable to get a roadworthy check even before considering the resale of your vehicle. Getting a roadworthy check surely tunes up your vehicle and makes it more valuable in the open market.
Which Aspects are Covered in a Roadworthy Check

For your better understanding, we have listed all the aspects of your vehicle that we check and upgrade if necessary; they are:

  • Engine Health- It is the most important part that is checked to ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle. We perform any repair work if it seems necessary.
  • Battery Condition- The battery fluid, connections, and overall condition is checked and repaired if required.
  • Basic Safety- All the basic safety aspects of the vehicle like the seatbelts, driver’s seat, door lock, car body, and chassis are checked to find the minute faults.
  • Auto-Electricals- These include the working of headlights, brake lights, indicators, dashboard switches, window panes, etc. All these components are checked and corrected.
  • Exhaust System- It is inspected to see if your vehicle’s exhaust pipe and filter are working properly and are not emitting unfiltered waste gas with bigger particles.
  • Driving Test- A driving test in the end concludes the exact condition of your vehicle. We will take your car for a spin after all the repair and maintenance work to see if it is safe to drive.

Top Notch Car Service in Truganina – RR Motor Service

We are a complete car mechanic workshop that provides all other major services related to vehicles like:

  • Logbook Service- The logbook service is a professional service done by an authorised car mechanic shop like ours. We strictly follow the guidelines given by the manufacturers, check registration, and update the logbook for future reference.
  • Brake Service- Although the brake system is properly inspected during logbook servicing and roadworthy inspections, we provide separate expert servicing for brakes. We do a complete check including the brake pads and soles. Our technicians will also examine the brake fluid levels and condition of the master cylinder.
  • Wheel Alignment and Balancing- These are two separate issues related to the wheels of your car. The wheel balancing is done to equally distribute the weight of the car’s body over four wheels. On the other hand, alignment is related to the positioning of the wheel at the correct angle. We provide both services using advanced technology in our facility.

What Sets Us Apart?

When you choose RR Motor Service for roadworthy checks or general repair work, you can expect a 100% result in all our car services. We offer the following benefits:

  • Reliable Services- We have a good reputation in the market which is why we always deliver top-quality car services and use world-class spare parts.
  • Professional Approach- All our staff members are professional and will resolve your queries with absolute patience. We clear your doubts about pricing and car service requirements before scheduling an appointment to avoid confusion.
  • Advanced Facility- Our workshop is a truly advanced facility with advanced technology and equipment to solve complex issues.

Contact Us

If you are looking for an authorised roadworthy check along with a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle in Truganina, contact us! At RR Motor Service, we also provide wheel balancing & alignment and all the general car services. To know more, call us on 0426 712 244 or email us at

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