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As a car owner, you should be aware of its condition and never overlook simple issues. These small issues if ignored become serious and start affecting the overall performance of the vehicle.  So, to prevent any uncertain situations, RR Motor Service is here to help you. We provide complete car service in Point Cook. Our advanced workshop is handled by the most skilful mechanics and technicians. If you are facing a sudden breakdown of your car or need any type of auto repair service, contact our experts.

Get the Best Wheel Balancing and Alignment Service

Car wheel balancing and alignment are two separate wheel-related problems. We solve both issues precisely because we know even the slightest difference between them.

Wheel Balancing

The repair process of distributing the weight of the car body equally on the four wheels is called wheel balancing. A car faces an imbalance of wheels when it hits a hard, uneven bump on the road while moving at a high speed. Sometimes, it may happen because of a faulty tyre. This is how professional car mechanics work on the process of wheel balancing:

  1. Firstly, the balance of the wheels is checked using a tyre-balancing machine.
  2. The causes of imbalance are detected.
  3. If it is an internal problem with the tyre, it is corrected by our car mechanics.
  4. If the problem is related to the height of the wheels, they adjust it properly.

How to Know if Your Car Needs Wheel Balancing?

For your convenience, if you notice any of the signs given below, your car needs a wheel balancing; they are:

  • Excessive vibrations in the floorboard
  • The car starts shaking while accelerating
  • Tyres are worn out unevenly
  • Bad fuel economy along with the above issues.
Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the repair process related to aligning them using a proper method. It starts with measuring the degrees of misalignment. The figures are compared with the original degrees set while manufacturing the car. Wheels are then aligned and adjusted precisely using computerised supervision.

Causes and Types of Misaligned Wheel

The wheel alignment can also be disturbed when the wheel hits a hard bump on the road. There are three types of wheel misalignment that you will experience and they are:

  • Camber: The vertical alignment problem is called camber which means the wheel is flapped inwards or outwards.
  • Toeing: An issue with horizontal alignment is called toeing which means the wheels are diagonally rotated rightwards or leftward.
  • Caster: When the wheel is not aligned properly to the vertical axis, it is called a caster.

How to Know if Your Car Needs a Wheel Alignment?

There are some signs that you will experience when your wheels are misaligned and they are:

  • The car pulls to one side of the road
  • Definite problems with the steering of the car
  • Issues with the braking system and uneven tyre threads

We Provide the Best Car Mechanic Near Point Cook

  • RR Motor Service- is a professional auto garage with an advanced workshop and a team of experienced car mechanics. We repair all vehicles of major brands that are available in the Australian market. Some of the most common services that we provide are:
  • Roadworthy Checks- The roadworthy check is a major service based on VicRoads’ regulations. It suggests that every vehicle should pass a standard in its overall condition to be driven on the roads. This process of roadworthy checks involves the inspection of the different parts of a vehicle. If they do not work properly, you need to get them repaired or replaced. After making all corrections, a Roadworthy certificate is issued by authorised auto garages like us.
  • Logbook Service- Logbook services are different from normal maintenance service because it involves the overall checking of the car as recommended by the manufacturer. We abide by the instructions of the manufacturer’s guidelines and do servicing according to that particular model of the car.
  • Brake Service- People often think the brake service is all about replacing the brake soles but it is much more than that. Professional brake service includes the complete check of the braking system which begins with the brake pads. Moreover, we inspect the levels of brake fluids, the master cylinder, and its connecting lines to ensure maximum safety.
  • General Repairs and Maintenance- We can take care of your general repair service of any other parts of your car like the auto-electronics, clutch, engine check, etc. On top of it, we can also perform full maintenance on your vehicle.

Choose the Right Place for Your European Car Service

It is very important to get your car repaired at the right garage because professional car mechanics understand the detailed guidelines and instructions. They take a refined approach to understanding and resolving any issue without disturbing the internal harmony of the machine. If you face any kind of sudden breakdown, contact European car specialist ,RR Motor Service. We are a renowned car service provider in Point Cook. With us, you get:

  • Extensive Services- We are a complete auto-mechanic service centre, working with a well-trained mechanical team.
  • Guarantee of 100% Results- We have prior experience with all kinds of automobile issues and try to resolve them with satisfactory results.
  • Customer-Centric Approach- Our team of professional car mechanics will understand your concern. We aim to provide you with maximum convenience with accurate solutions to your car-related issues.

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With us, get advanced wheel balancing and alignment checks and roadworthy certificate in Point Cook. Book your appointment and receive the best possible auto repair services. To know more, call us on 0426 712 244 or you can email us at

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