Vehicle Roadworthy Check in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne

Vehicle roadworthy is a type of short-term permit for old vehicles to be driven on public roads. To explain it further, it is basically a check done on older cars to see if they are safe to be driven. This rule is strictly regulated by VicRoads and is to be followed by every vehicle owner. At RR Motor Service, we provide vehicle roadworthy checks for Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne. If your vehicle passes all the checks laid by VicRoads guidelines then only we provide roadworthy certificates. In case your vehicle fails at some tests, we will provide you with instant assistance to correct it.

Get a Roadworthy Certificate with RR Motors

In the present times, vehicle roadworthy inspections are very important. Due to the strictness of the authorities, they are required more than people realise. Basically, they ensure that your vehicle is in proper condition to follow road safety. As a vehicle owner, you should take that responsibility and the roadworthy certificate legally confirms that. There are three situations where a roadworthy check is mandatory and they are:

  • Transfer of the vehicle’s registration: If you are transferring the registration of your vehicle to someone else, you will need to do a roadworthy check first.  The authority will ask for it before transferring the registration, so in a way it is mandatory.
  • While moving to a new state: When you move to another state for a longer period then its authority may ask to produce a roadworthy certificate. Presently, it is also required if you want to drive around the interstate regularly. So, it is better to carry one with you always.
  • Sell your vehicle to anyone: To list your car in the open market, you will need to pass a roadworthy test and get a certificate. Similarly, the authorities will ask you to produce it while transferring the registration.
  • Renewal of the vehicle’s registration: You have to get a roadworthy certificate when you have to do an annual renewal of your vehicle registration. If you are driving a relatively old car, it is better to get it checked every now and then! Get a roadworthy certificate after every 2000 km or 2 months, whichever comes first for your own safety.

A Quick Checklist for Roadworthy Tests in Melbourne

At RR Motor Service, we precisely follow all the VicRoads guidelines. Here are some of the things that get checked when you come for a roadworthy test:

Engine Health Check-Up- It is the most basic test but many cars do fail this test due to many reasons. For this, we check for the engine’s thrust, level of engine oil and overall condition. If we do not find them according to the standard, you need to get them serviced accordingly to make your vehicle ready for the roadworthy test.

Battery Test- We will check the lifespan of the battery and replace it if necessary. 

Tyres- Mainly we check its condition along with the tightness of the fitting. There is also a requirement to check the thread depth of the tyre. If we do not find it satisfactory then we will replace or repair it as per its condition.

Suspensions- To have a good suspension is also a mandatory criterion for roadworthy tests. If we do not find it up to the mark or has already done some damage to the car, then you should replace it immediately.

Body Work- The overall body of your car along with the chassis is very important to maintain a structural framework. If there is any kind of deformity, then we will try to mend it according to the standards.

  • Steering- The steering in good working condition is also among the criterion for your roadworthy test. We need to check it properly before passing it to your RWC.
  • Headlights- The power of your headlight should be ample enough. In case it is not then we will get the electric connection checked before passing it through.
  • Seat Belts- Seat belts are very necessary for a safe driving as well as for your roadworthy certificate. You should get it repaired or replaced if it is not in the proper form.
  • Driver’s Seat- The driver’s seat is one of the most important parts of a car. If the seat is facing issues with height and legroom adjustment, we will check for the concerns and repair it.
  • Doors- Our mechanic will check if the doors are getting shut and opening properly. In case of any fault, we will correct it and make it ready for the test.
  • Mirrors- Although it is a secondary accessory of a vehicle but is equally important for the roadworthy test. There will be a routine check of its adjustment and condition.
  • Windows- There will be a test for no obstruction in the opening and closing of the windows.
  • Exhaust Check – If the exhaust is jammed up or damaged then it can very dangerous on the road. We will double-check, repair, and maintain it as per the requirement.
  • Driving Test- This is the final test when we will take your car for a spin. This will give us more idea about the condition of your car to make any last-minute repairs. Our attention to detail is what makes us experts in vehicle servicing. We will try our best to make your vehicle pass the roadworthy test without the slightest issues.

Why Choose RR Motor Services

Here are some of the features that make us stand out from others:

  • Complete Support- We not only conduct roadworthy tests but also prepare your car for it.
  • Experienced Workforce- Our certified car mechanics understand the guidelines of the roadworthy test.
  • Trusted Name- Owned by a local family, we are a renowned name in the market for our genuine services regarding vehicle repairs.
  • Fair Prices- All our service costs are rightly priced according to market standards and we do not have any hidden charges.
  • Client Satisfaction- Be assured to get a quality customer experience at every level of our service.

RR Motor Service has a team of expert mechanics who work hard to maintain the high quality of all our services. To know more about our car services and get a roadworthy certificate in Hoppers Crossing you can call us on 0426 712 244 or email us at


It is basically a short-term permit given to old cars to be driven on public roads or for resale purposes. This certificate is given to a car after its thorough check-up according to the guidelines of VicRoads.

You need Road Safety Certificate for the following purpose:

  • Transfer of the registration of your vehicle
  • Driving on public roads.
  • Put on the open market for resale purposes.
  • Transfer of your car to another state or to do frequent inter-state travels

You will get a 14 days period to rectify the issues with your vehicle. If you fail to do it within that period then you have to apply for it once again.

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