Car Brakes and Clutch Service in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne

Brake failures are very unpredictable and highly risky! As experts in auto mechanics, we suggest getting your brakes and clutch checked even if you are facing the slightest issues. However, brake failures can be predicted if you regularly get your vehicle checked. At RR Motor Service, our technicians go beyond the required services. They notice such urgencies in critical parts of a vehicle and advise you to check on them beforehand. Being experts in auto brake repair, we are aware of all the latest braking systems and thus give you a guarantee of 100% results.

What do We Include in the Car Clutch and Brake Repair Service?

Car brakes do not consist of only brake pads and soles but there is a complete system that works between these two elements. So, when you face a clutch and brake issue, you need to visit a professional service centre like us for an effective solution. Our car brake specialists would do an in-depth check-up instead of just replacing the existing components. This checkup will give them an idea about what is required to be done including the following:

  • Changing brake fluids – They create hydraulic force in your braking system. Over time, these fluids lose their functionality. Continuing with worn-out brake fluid can lead to brake failures. That is why it needs to be checked and replaced if required.
  • Replacing the master cylinder– It is the central part of the braking system as it holds brake fluids and commands hydraulics. We will check for leakages and replace them if required.
  • Repairing electric connections– This is required especially if you have EBS or Electronic Braking System. The wiring of the system needs to be checked and repaired if needed.
  • Replacing the brake soles– They are the most common and frequently occurring issue with brakes. We will replace them with high-quality soles so that they last longer.
  • Repair/replace brake discs and callipers– Generally, new cars do not need such repair or replacement. However, over time it may require these services depending on its conditions.
  • Replacement of brake hose– They are the component that connects the entire braking system. Although they are very strong and can go on for years, they need to be checked regularly for proper functioning. As their failure leads to the complete breakdown of the braking system we will replace them if we mark slight signs of wear and tear.

Signs Your Brake Need Attention

Let us discuss some signs that will help you to detect brake-related issues and the components responsible for them. Certain problems required immediate attention and we have listed them accordingly. Check if you encounter the following

  • Vehicle that gets pulled to the side– This is caused by the complete brake failure on one side of your vehicle. However, it suggests there might be issues with brake hoses which need immediate professional attention!
  • Soft brakes– It is caused either by leakage in the brake’s master cylinder or by the failure of other hydraulic components. They may lead to a complete brake failure if not fixed immediately.
  • Brakes not operating promptly – This is a serious concern which is caused by loose or worn-out brake soles. It may be a common issue but needs to be attended immediately as it can lead to hazardous situations on the road.
  • Vibration while applying the brakes– It is created because of a faulty disc and callipers. You should get it fixed as soon as possible because it may turn into a complete breakdown of the disc.
  • Brake makes noises– It is also caused by faulty brake soles. The screeching sound of brakes suggests that they need immediate replacement.

Why Choose Us?

The reasons that make us a reliable service provider in the city include the following:

  • Expert technicians- The workforce at RR Motor Service is genuinely interested in auto mechanics and will do the perfect job. They understand the complexities of every matter and try to solve it with passion. Our technicians are certified people who recognise and resolve issues in the most professional manner.
  • Use of high-quality parts- We operate only with genuine spare parts. Before dealing we check for its market and original manufacturer’s approval. We proceed only if we get positive reviews about the product. This is because low-grade spare parts affect the overall working of a vehicle and we do not take such chances with our customers.
  • Speed and convenience- As we aim to provide the best value for your money and time, we are very particular about the efficiency of our services. We try to provide you with great convenience by providing speedy services. Our constant effort goes into making our process well-organised. We make sure that you get professional support at every stage.
  • Client-oriented Services- Our services aim to solve a range of vehicle-related problems faced by you. We learn from our experience and note down all kinds of unique issues faced by our clients over the period of time. As a renowned service centre, we also follow professionalism and courteous behaviour to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. That is why we focus not just on quality services but to interact with you in the best possible way.
  • Competitive Pricing- When you contact us, we make it a point to completely understand your trouble. This helps us to perfectly determine your service requirements and calculate the cost. We provide you with all the pricing information from the very beginning. If you are satisfied with our quote then only we fix your appointment. We assure you there will be no hidden or unexplained additional charges on your bill. If a necessity arises for additional service in between, then it is our duty to inform you beforehand.

RR Motor Service belongs to the people of Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne. Our team is here to offer the best car maintenance and repair services in this area. This is what drives us as we continue to be one of the top-notch car service providers.

To know more about our services and book your appointment, you can call us on 0426 712 244 or email us at


If you do not do brake services then there is a high chance of brake failure accidents. Besides that, frequent brake services are actually economical. Experts check on the important and costly parts of the braking system to make sure they do not need replacement.

Every six months or after completing 10,000 kilometres, you should go for brake servicing. If you are currently facing any brake-related issues, you should go for immediate servicing to avoid accidents.

Here are some of the things done in full brake service:

  • Changing old brake fluid and replacing it with new fluid
  • Checking the brake pedals
  • Changing the brake soles
  • Resurfacing and cleaning
  • Certain adjustments like tightening of screws
  • Check on the brake hoses
  • Lubricating the brake parts
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