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Every manufacturer creates a car with a lot of attention to detail. They put all of their best effort and knowledge before officially selling it to you. Although after a sale, the vehicle becomes your property, manufacturers still look after the vehicle by bringing together certain guidelines and a car logbook. These guidelines tell an owner to service their vehicle at fixed intervals. Secondly, the service should always be done at a manufacturer-recognised logbook service provider or garage for efficient work. Finally, these services should be recorded in the logbook for warranty and other future references. RR Motor Service is recognised by multiple automobile brands and is one of the best car logbook service providers in Hopper’s Crossing, Melbourne.

Difference between regular service providers and manufacturer-recognised logbook service providers

There are several differences between regular service providers and manufacturer-recognised logbook service providers as discussed below:

  • Protection of manufacturer’s warranty- This is the most important difference! If you get your car serviced at any manufacturer-recognised service provider like us, your manufacturer’s warranty will remain protected. Where else when you get the service done from a regular one, it affects the warranty.
  • Following manufacturer’s guidelines- Another big difference is that we are well aware of the manufacturer’s guidelines. We exactly look out for the things suggested and follow them strictly.
  • Authority to stamp- We have the authority to stamp and sign your logbook which will be officially recognised by your dealer and manufacturer.

What does logbook servicing of your car include?

  • Logbook services include checks in different parts of your car which are crucial to examine after a certain period of time. These checks include
  • Car registration checks: Sometimes you might forget or not understand certain rules and keep your registration incomplete. This check is to ensure that your papers are in order so that you do not get into any legal trouble.
  • Components under the bonnet: The area under your car bonnet is where all the primary parts of an automobile are placed. The logbook servicing requires to check:
    • Engine oil
    • Engine coolants
    • Battery condition
    • Brake fluids
    • Washer fluids
    • Apart from that, we check the overall condition of the area. These fluids are replaced if required to get better performance for your vehicle.
  • Other service items: Your log book servicing also requires the check of secondary components like:
    • Condition of tires and their tread depth
    • Brakes soles and wires
    • Electrical parts such as the headlights, blinkers, and brake lights
  • Chassis check-up- The chassis maintains the framework of your car. We get under it and examine every fitting thoroughly to ensure it is in perfect condition.
  • Logbook update- The final and most important part of the logbook servicing is to update the logbook itself. This step is necessary because it helps to determine a better resale value and validate the manufacturer’s warranty. We will report the condition of your car and sign and stamp it duly.

What to do if I do not have a service book?

You need not worry at all if you do not have a service book yet. However, it is very important to keep a service book as it provides details regarding the manufacturer’s warranty. There is even a possibility that you have misplaced it. Here, we will explain what you need to do if you don’t have a service book in either of these cases:

  • If you have not got it from your car dealer- You can ask the dealer to provide you with one if they have not given it. Sometimes a car service log book takes little time to be created. In either case, you can call your dealer and enquire about it anytime.
  • If you have misplaced it- In case, you have lost your vehicle maintenance logbook, inform your car dealer as soon as possible. They will immediately issue a new copy for you for which they may charge a minute additional price.
  • If you have failed to bring it to the service provider- There will be no issues! You should remember to collect your report and receipt. However, you have to come back to the service centre later once you get your auto-service logbook so that they can update it.

When it comes to logbook service, look no further than RR Motors Service

RR Motor Service is one of the best logbook service providers in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne. We are recognised across multiple car brands and are an authorised logbook service provider. If you need logbook service, you can call us on 0426 712 244 or email us at


Logbook car service helps protect your manufacturer’s warranty. It is also highly recommended by technicians to ensure the best performance of your vehicle for a very long time. An updated service logbook will also give you a higher resale value if you ever think of selling your car.
In a basic service, you primarily get your engine oil checked. If necessary, then the mechanic can check your brake fluids and the overall function of the car. Whereas, in logbook service, you get a routine checkup of all major parts of your car. It is highly recommended by the manufacturer to get your first logbook service done after your car reaches 10,000 Kilometres or 6 months, whichever comes first.
You need to contact your car dealer and they will be more than happy to issue a new one for you by charging some additional cost but it is worth it.
It is highly recommended by the technicians if you want to protect your manufacturer’s warranty also. Logbook servicing ensures car checkups in a fixed interval. This ensures your vehicle will remain in its prime condition for a very long time. It will also fetch you a great resale value if you ever think of selling your car in future. All these reasons make logbook servicing worthy.
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