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Major mechanical services require expertise in different aspects like dismantling, computerised-diagnosing, repairing, and fitting. There are particular cars that require such detailed attention due to their complex design. This is the reason why RR Motor Service works with a team of skilled car mechanic in Tarneit. We are renowned as a reliable car mechanic near Tarneit. Our workshop is one of the most advanced in this region and is operated by experienced technicians. We provide all kinds of auto servicing and checks in our facility.

Professional Logbook Service at the Affordable Price

The logbook service is a detailed check of the vehicle parts, suggested by its manufacturer. They may vary slightly with each company and model but the majority of the check remains the same. To give you a basic idea about our logbook service we will briefly mention the components that are checked and repaired:

  • Components Inside Bonnet – The engine, battery, and braking system are the most important components of a car that are kept protected under the bonnet. They are checked one by one and are repaired even if the slightest of faults are found.
  • Secondary Parts- There are some parts like tyres and an auto-electricals system that require servicing in fixed intervals. The logbook service includes all these checks and replacements if the condition is very bad.
  • Chassis and Body Check- The chassis and car body are responsible to maintain the basic framework of the vehicle which is why it is important to get them checked Our logbook service specifically includes a detailed inspection of the chassis and the body to find out the minute faults. They are then repaired or serviced according to the issues found.
  • Logbook Registration and Update- Most garages do not give much attention to the registration check or update of the logbook. We take care of these things because they need to be updated to avoid legal issues and protect the manufacturer’s warranty.
Importance of Logbook Servicing

There are several benefits of an updated logbook servicing like:

  • Provides Overall Maintenance- As a maintenance service, It checks on all the important aspects of the vehicle. It repairs and replaces faulty parts and keeps your car in the best condition possible.
  • Follows Manufacturer’s Guidelines- The manufacturers are the creator of your vehicle and they know the best about its design and working. Logbook service specifically follows the manufacturers’ guidelines to maintain the particular vehicle in its prime condition for a long period of time.
  • Protects Manufacturer’s Warranty- Some manufacturers are very strict about maintaining the logbook. This provides them with an assurance that the vehicle has been serviced as per their guidelines. In case a faulty part is found during the logbook servicing, it can be covered easily in the warranty.
  • Increases the Value- A vehicle with an updated logbook always has a good resale value as it states that it has been recently serviced.

Perfect Mechanic for Car Service in Tarneit

At RR Motor Service, we provide other professional auto repair and maintenance services along like:

  • Roadworthy Check- Roadworthy check is a crucial service that is required by every vehicle. VicRoads has set a standard that every car needs to meet if they are to be driven on the roads of Victoria. This inspection is very strict and needs the highest level of attention. You should always choose a professional auto garage like us which can perform these checks precisely. Our Roadworthy Certificate service includes an in-depth examination of your vehicle’s safety components. We assess brakes, lights, tires, and more to provide you with a reliable certification.
  • Brake Service- The braking system is very important in ensuring the safety of the car. Our service involves a thorough inspection of all the parts starting from the brake pads to the hydraulics. Additionally, we also check the condition of the master cylinder and other connecting parts of the entire system.
  • Wheel Balancing and Alignment- Wheel balancing and alignment are two separate issues related to the tyres of the vehicle. We use advanced technology and facility to resolve them in a proper manner.
  • Common Repairs- Apart from these specific services mentioned above, we also provide general repair and maintenance for all vehicles of any brand.

Why Choose RR Motor Service?

The cars have a very intricate system of working which is why you need professional car mechanic to take care of their repairs. We understand your concerns and have designed our workflow to meet your expectations. RR Motor Service is your go-to auto repair centre in Tarneit because of our:

  • Organised Work Culture- We work in a structured way to avoid last-minute confusion and further delay of your services. Our staff members are highly professional and will try to understand issues in depth. After analysing the concern, we determine the exact services that will be required for your vehicle.
  • Fair Pricing- We calculate the prices of the service and give you a fair estimation in advance. If you agree to our prices, we start working on your request.
  • Maximum Convenience: An appointment is fixed according to your preferred time so that it does not affect your schedule and your vehicle gets the repair as soon as possible.
  • Skilled Technicians- All our car mechanics are highly experienced and are experts in their field. They go into the depths of an issue and solve it in the best possible manner.
  • World-Class Spare Parts- We use only genuine spare parts for any kind of replacement to ensure the highest quality of service.
  • 100% Results- When you come to us with a problem, we give you complete assurance to solve it. Our technicians are fascinated to find solutions to all kinds of issues.

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RR Motor Service is a well-recognised European car specialist that provides roadworthy certificate, wheel balancing and alignment in Tarneit for all car brands. Contact our experts to know more about our other auto repair services. You can call us on 0426 712 244 or email us at

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